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Kaufvertrag muster für kryptowährungen

Trading, when the volume of Bitcoin transactions is considered, the volatility of the Bitcoin stabilizes significantly. Trading volume, order book liquidity, volatility and correlations between these data sets - these are some of the topics Clara will cover, while Anastasia will show you how to access the data via their API and how to apply simple Data Science to Kaiko’s data sets. Clara and Anastasia will directly join us via Zoom from Kaiko’s HQ in Paris to give you hands-on experience of how their platform works and which data they provide. Learn more about how Kaiko helps traders and investment professionals to uncover market insights with the data they provide. Clara is on the business team at Kaiko and writes the weekly data-driven market commentary for the Monday morning newsletter. As a Data and Research Analyst, Anastasia contributes to Kaiko research initiatives by designing metrics and models for observing and understanding cryptocurrency markets. She frequently writes research articles on relevant trends in the cryptocurrency industry. Since portfolio management kryptowährungen 2017, she has written about the cryptocurrency industry (starting with her senior thesis on the political ideology of Bitcoin), and loves learning about new market trends, data analyses, and financial instruments.

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